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The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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Overcoming Kingdom Honor Limitations

November 28, 2021

Overcoming kingdom family honor resistance becomes the most crucial training exercise of your leadership development.

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The Prayers of the Saints

November 7, 2021

Our intercession blends into accumulated intercession. Our finishing intervention causes the synergistic surge.

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Truthing Agape

October 24, 2021

That means a fathering leader never looks at the present condition but the future completion. I look you in the eyes, see your soul as Father sees it–your eternal identity from Christ–and I respond to that inevitability as if nothing can stop it.

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The Timing of Refreshing: Awakening Wells and Added-Value Harvesting

October 10, 2021

When a penetrating rain falls, it reaches the deepest places. It contributes to the hidden river or aquifer beneath from which we all draw water. The wells sustain both the people of production and the production itself.

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The Bible is Uniquely Inspired

September 28, 2021

Providence means God is involved in history. Inspiration means God is involved in writing, preserving, and guaranteeing the Bible so that inspiration to read the Bible becomes available through reading, preaching, teaching, mediating, prophesying, worshiping, praying, singing, and hearing–inspiration breathed in continues breathing!

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Kingdom Culture and Existing Culture

September 23, 2021


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