A Humbled World-dominator and the Historic Context of His Revelation

I extolled the Most High, and I praised and glorified the one who lives forever.

For, His authority is an infinite, eternal authority,
and His kingdom extends from one generation to the next.

All Earth’s inhabitants of the Earth have so little repute that they have nothing to say back to God.

He makes judgment decisions, and His heavenly army makes them happen.

Among those that inhabit Earth, none strikes against His hand question, ‘What have You done?’ (Daniel 4:34-35)

These are the words of world-dominator, Nebuchadnezzar, after twelve months of corrective discipline prophesied to him in a dream and decreed by Daniel.

During this moment of history, God had no representative Remnant culture. Israel was gone. Judah was gone. Daniel and others stood in Babylon to speak prophetic promises into four pagan cultures that would ascend to international influence.

Israel was restored but failed further in representing God as a Remnant culture. Jesus arrived to bring them to account for this assignment, and He judged them to be misrepresentative. Jesus prophesied this natural culture would no longer be His representative Remnant though the promises of Divine favor would not cease.

Jesus reset the kingdom of God on Earth to SpiritFirst mode. The kingdom culture became His representative culture on Earth, preaching the Kingdom Gospel. The kingdom ekklesia would be the mature citizens, assembled as the prepared and positioned representatives of God’s Heavenly government. They were called into assembly by kingdom leaders as a “standing before the Lord” to hear and see governmental ekklesia.

The kingdom ekklesia would be the representative Remnant turning to speak and perform what they heard God saying and saw God doing.

In this moment of history, God is still God making eternal decisions and handing down determinations, but the kingdom keys to enforce these decisions on Earth are in the hands of kingdom leaders for use in the kingdom ekklesia.

The army of Heaven gained even more authority and power through the victory of Jesus. He is still their Captain. The SpiritFirst kingdom is more efficient and effective now than before the Resurrection and Ascension authorization of God’s reset kingdom on Earth.

This army of fiery ones communicates directly from God to Earth. They have a direct bearing on what the kingdom ekklesia says and does. They respond to those inheriting eternal rescue in redemption and restoration of All.

Because Jesus starts with spiritual conditions to manifest natural outcomes, His kingdom’s effectiveness is far superior to any previous kingdom culture model on Earth. Grace is far superior to revealed expectations of law because it empowers people to live out those expectations instead of being condemned by them.

God’s expectations have not changed, but transformed people live His expectations.

Because Jesus starts with spiritual conditions to manifest natural outcomes, prophetic anticipations enjoy a more robust application and implementation process.

In a kingdom culture authorized to see and hear, a prophetic people, working with blueprint-carrying apostles are more efficient and effective–the building is complete, the body has operational integrity, and the bride is prepared to complete her covenantal oneness with the Groom.

The kingdom ekklesia commands what God decides, so the determination is demonstrated by Divine authority and power in individuals, regions, and nations with a global influence far superior to the darkness that usurps the will of God.

Don Lynch


  1. Dirk McClary on December 5, 2020 at 10:43 AM

    Dear Don, just listened to your powerful testimony about your sons miraculous healing Have been in one spirit with you, Dutch, and the team as you have received dreams about the election. Thank all of you so much! His will be done on earth!

  2. sandra petersen-keegan on December 30, 2020 at 7:43 PM

    I appreciate what u have said due to the fact I already think that way. Go to Dutchgh15every day. We need to pray specifically for God’s will. This helps us pray numerous times/day for what is utmost important.

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