Three-part Dream Christmas Night 2017: Some Applications for Kingdom Leaders

December 30, 2017

This dream came in three parts, Christmas night. I awakened between each segment, then continued the dream. The Balancing of Accounts In the first segment of the dream, God hammered home and synched the nail on a revelation He has been working into my spirit for a week or so. The paperwork had come through…

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Fathering Leadership Relationships

December 27, 2017

“Joined himself to a stranger” may be the most descriptive word of a fatherless generation. God as a Father never leaves us without fathers. If a situation does arise in which fathers are unavailable, He is a Father to the fatherless. In turn, Father recognizes that natural and spiritual fathering is necessary, even more advantageous,…

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Kingdom Culture and Honor

December 24, 2017

There is no such thing as equal honor. That is a misnomer. “Honor your parents the same as you honor all other adults, yourself, your brother, your milkman’s uncle, and any peabody you encounter in the mall” is not a commandment. In fact, we do not honor all people. We do not honor everyone. We…

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Questions for Kingdom Leaders in a New Era

December 8, 2017

Dutch Sheets, Jane Hamon, Clay Nash, and myself (not in the same classification with them but hear the same sound) have been speaking of the historic season as the introduction of “a New Era”. As Dutch Sheets spoke of the new era today, I saw an acrostic revelation of what leaders need to consider in personal…

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Hype and the Prophetic: God’s Hype is Enough

December 1, 2017

There is also abundant hype in the prophetic.  The huper comes from the Greek definer for super, abounding, and hyper. It comes from God, however, not man. At every point, we need to add hype, we reveal a deficit in our mature function as God’s representatives. While Jesus did many miracles, signs and wonders that…

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Did You Visit Heaven and See Jesus?

November 26, 2017

I think we are having a “terminology limitation” in the prophetic.   As many people seek to describe their spiritual experiences, they may be making a mistake that the Paul avoided. By inspiration of Holy Spirit, he carefully avoided saying that “he went to heaven to see Jesus” when he did, in fact, have such…

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Kingdom Culture, not Community

November 21, 2017

In kingdom culture, the relationships are already designed and defined by God. The roles of leadership in those relationships have clearly designed and defined responsibilities that also clarify the authority of the leaders. To restore kingdom leadership dynamics, we restore kingdom. To restore kingdom as the operational basis for these leadership dynamics, we restore kingdom…

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Regional Ecclesia: Introduction to “Regional Ecclesia Manifesto”

November 1, 2017

Regional? So, why “regional Ecclesia?” While a great deal of discussion has been given to city church, and some pretty definitive statements made about what the Bible recognizes as a “Ecclesia,” we return to the same premise: What does that word mean in the mouth of the person speaking it or writing it? Because the…

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Carve Out Purpose By Ignoring Distracting Potential

October 10, 2017

Simon Peter walked on water until he was distracted by the wind and waves. The wind and waves are potential, the vast ocean of possibility from which obedience and submission carves eternal purpose. Prioritize your Passion, Preparation, and Positioning The greatest enemy of purpose is potential. Every temptation of Jesus was a test to substitute…

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The God Who Never Forgets His Promise

October 8, 2017

Character and Glory “God passed by and declared His Name.” The many names for God all reveal facets of His character and can be manifested as aspects of His Glory. Glory is a manifestation of some aspect of His character. Obviously, Glory does not manifest all His Glory; Glory manifests on purpose, and whatever aspect…

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