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Kingdom Fathering

Kingdom Starts Here Kingdom leadership begins with a revelation of Father's original intended purposes. Kingdom is leadership. Kingdom leadership has a designed structure and order. ...
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Pioneers, Don’t Play It Safe Now

Pioneers never back into a "play it safe" mode when the trail ahead may close up for winter if they hesitate. Recognize the trail ahead ...
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The Missing Scarecrow

Dream, March 11, 2021 My perspective throughout the dream is onlooker and recorder. A kingdom general is walking in a large field, leading a company ...
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Elders in the Ekklesia

The plurality of Elders: Today's Five Kingdom Leadership Dynamics Kingdom leaders lead the kingdom culture from which the kingdom Ekklesia forms and functions. They lead ...
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Father’s Revelation as Satan’s Conclusion

Pure Heavenly Revelation Simon Peter receives a revelation from the Father. "Simon, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who ...
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Intercession Next: Global Warring

What does intercession look like when it rises to the international level?How can intercession avoid this level in terms of agreement?How do we maintain our ...
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Does Deuteronomy 18 Define False Prophets?

Barn Door Closed After Horse Ran All the Way to China With the sudden compulsion to fix what was obviously broken for many years now ...
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Redemptive Restoration: Deep Soul Searching

A Season of Deep Soul Searching A pattern of deep soul searching has begun among the inheritors for whom I provide fathering leadership. The pattern ...
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How to Miss It as a Prophet

Speak as a Prophet When you Ain't Prophets accurate at the personal or regional level become inaccurate at the national level when they step outside ...
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How Job and Nations Suffer Spiritual Terrorism

God is not destroying America. America shall be saved. God did not destroy Job. Job was saved. Like Job, in the best of times, fully ...
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Prophecy and Involved Intercession

God knows what He wants. God tells us what He wants. God gets what He wants. Paul describes how God gets what He wants in ...
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Armorbearer: The Biblical Metaphor

The term armorbearer is a Bible word, of course, but some leaders have grossly exaggerated the metaphoric meaning. Most of the problem lies in the ...
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How to Pursue a Spiritual Father

December 13, 2020

It becomes the most significant test of your honor to learn to represent a spiritual father trains you to represent the Father. You must be cured of any intention or motivation to do other than represent and partner with the Father with and through your spiritual father.

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A Humbled World-dominator and the Historic Context of His Revelation

November 29, 2020

Jesus reset the kingdom of God on Earth to SpiritFirst mode. The kingdom culture became His representative culture on Earth, preaching the Kingdom Gospel. The kingdom ekklesia would be the mature citizens, assembled as the prepared and positioned representatives of God’s Heavenly government. They were called into assembly by kingdom leaders as a “standing before the Lord” to hear and see governmental ekklesia.

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Daniel’s Revelations: Global Level Warfare

November 28, 2020

At present, we are ready for the most incredible showdown with the ancient antichrist lawlessness in history! And we are guaranteed a win!

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Wine-aged Cheese

October 24, 2020

God will prophesy into your past to locate your present as a context for setting priorities for your future.

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God Breathing on Birthing Intercessors Dream

October 14, 2020

I overhear Dutch Sheets say to someone sitting next to him, “We have nearly the same amount of men as women!” His face reveals his joy, and joyful tears fill his eyes. He turns this head both directions looking at those sitting on either side of him and shakes it with wonder.

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Reset 2020: Declarations of Agreement for America

October 9, 2020

We agree and declare, “America shall be saved!”

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The Power of Agreement in Intercession

October 3, 2020

Yet, to agree with Jesus, we must come into agreement with His representatives. When the revelation comes, and our battlefield orders arrive, we must come into agreement with unusual demands upon our personal lives. We must be all in when the season shifts and urgent, sacrificial measures are appropriate.

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The Delinquent, Destruction Politics of Envy

September 26, 2020

Principle: God’s favor upon His Remnant always works to benefit the entire area of the Remnant’s influence.

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The Delightful and Demanding Burden of God’s Favor

September 25, 2020

If you walk with God in endurance, following the assignment of your father, reconnect to the inheritance of unfulfilled covenant loyalty available to God’s Remnant, and maintain relational integrity when betrayed and cheated, God can settle you into an undisputed claim upon your kingdom estate so the disputes of the past will not taint or follow you into your future.

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Fathering Leaders Set Kingdom Priorities

September 18, 2020

Apostles are recognized as blueprint-carrying leaders, not calling card-carrying leaders.

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