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Why Unity Eludes Us

Unity is far from us when we do not agree on mission objectives. Then, when we agree on mission objectives, we must surrender to a ...
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Deacons and Deaking

Once you get past the odd rendering of Acts 6 in which the term "deacon" does not appear, you find that the case for deacons ...
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Prophesy Your Dream So That People Receive the Message, Not the Dream

I dream quite a bit. I share my dreams all the time. When I share the dreams, you usually do not hear anything about the ...
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Authentic Humility

Paul says, "I am what I am by God's grace." That is authentic humility. Getting to that condition requiring humility, and maintaining that life requires ...
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God Groans

My friend's father was a wayward pastor. He ran from a false accusation when pastoring a ministry very strict about its rules of behavior. Working ...
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The Arrows That Remain

After Elisha put his hand on the bow to direct the arrow to the target, he put his hand on the king's so the king ...
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Christianity Without a Bible

The rise of a homosexual Presidential candidate has done what I predicted it would do: namely, change the subject of the campaign from socialism - ...
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Ten Reasons Elders Are Fivefold Kingdom Leaders

The word "elder" is the same in working definition as "bishop." Oversight is the job description. Expertise and experience are the qualities of the person ...
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Your Existing Root System

How should we understand "the cares of life" and "the deceitfulness of riches" as an existing root system that chokes the Word so that It ...
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Potential and Intention

God's Intentions Define My Purpose Clay Nash and I were having one of our insightful discussion over some post-conference meeting dining. I was pointing out ...
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Jesus, The Logos

The Word was with God Jesus has always been. He has no beginning. His role as Son began the moment He received the scroll of ...
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You Can Be Replaced

"You can be replaced." The remainder of the discussion will center upon leaders filling empty places. I being with this statement because it applies to ...
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Reformation Time is Here!

March 20, 2019

Reforming the Reformers What happens when God wants to reform the reformers? The initial forms of reform always demand the next step in reformation, but the initializing leaders have a very difficult time moving from protest into progress. Having fought with all they have for the initialization, they continue fighting the battle they already won.…

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The Accelerated Activities of Providence in Awakening

March 20, 2019

The Roaring Twenties are almost here. Dutch Sheets shares with us that we have entered a time of acceleration. Knowing that God is behind this new pacesetting leads us to “behold” Providence. (I use that word in the broadest Biblical sense even though we do not use “lo” and “behold” as Father, angels, and Jesus…

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Marriage Is To Be Honored by Everyone

March 3, 2019

Honoring marriage is more than an internal, individual, and intimate issue. It is everybody’s business whether or not you honor marriage. If you are a kingdom citizen, you are accountable to the entire kingdom culture for the condition of your marriage. That said, there are all kinds of help available in the kingdom to secure…

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Personal Leadership and Kingdom Leadership: My Ultimate for His Priorities

February 27, 2019

You can recognize Oswald Chamber’s famous “My Utmost for His Highest” in the title, and he meant by that what I mean mine. I apply this idea to the process that produces the ultimate kingdom leader. We live in a power-point moment in which the greatest kingdom leaders of all history should be alive, well,…

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The Kingdom Leader’s Role in Kingdom Culture

February 26, 2019

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther led us out of the dominating leadership paradigm of Roman Catholicism. Instead of producing a New Testament form of kingdom leadership, however, the protesters or Protestants, developed their manmade government structures to guarantee that they would never fall back into a papal dictatorship again. They did not visit the…

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Fathering Leaders: Testing The Leaders You Train as Fathers with Burden-bearing

February 25, 2019

“Leaders always carry more burdens than their burdens.” Fathering leaders train leaders to father. Fathering leaders carry the burden of fathering, so they must train leaders to bear the burden that fathers carry. That means fathers must decide how much of the burden a leader learning to father can carry without experiencing overload. All leaders…

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Seven Reasons the Thyatira Jezebel is Symbolic

February 19, 2019

“Jesus does not address a specific woman of history named ‘Jezebel’, expose her and her lovers by holding a news conference at her boudoir, have a “kill her children” Sunday morning service for the people to witness a pile of dead infants and children so all the Ecclesiae can find out how to deal with…

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God or Human Leaders?

February 15, 2019

We have a need to return to the Bible to understand the role of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in discipling, maturity, and personal spiritual leadership. We need to reset our understanding of the role of human leaders in our personal leadership maturity and ultimate preparation and positioning for both personal and kingdom purpose. 1.…

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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 2

February 12, 2019

I say, “A blueprint leader works from the King’s blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams, and imaginations that reveal the residue of the prevailing spiritual condition that has perverted the people and place.” He accomplishes the healthiest and ideal foundational teamwork when both apostolic and prophetic eldering leaders work in council and…

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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 1

February 12, 2019

I say, “Nothing has destroyed the kingdom more than allowing everyone to do what each of them thinks Holy Spirit is telling them to.” That is why the King sends representatives with His blueprints to guide and govern the construction of kingdom and kingdom culture, to produce the purpose of the people and place to…

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