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A Vision of Player Piano Scrolls: The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties of the Previous Century The player piano enjoyed a rapid distribution and successful, popular market share for one decade. It came in ...
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7 Mountains or Kingdom Gates?

Not Dominionism At All I do not teach dominion theology, and dominion theology is not the theology of the apostolic restoration. While I did listen ...
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Solving Authentic Fathering Issues

Let me begin by saying that counterfeits for authentic fathering abound. "You have an unlimited number of teachers, but you do not have many fathers" ...
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Apostolic Order at the Territorial Level

At the territorial level of kingdom conquest, the fivefold ministry can either be in order or out of order. The apostolic order can often be ...
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As It is in Heaven

The Conditions Around God The word "circumstance" is a compound word. "Circum" or circle means "what is around you." "Stance" means "the way things are." ...
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Set Man is a Set Up

Popular discussions of covering, leadership, and ministry models say that God always sets a man in place. Everything in that move of God eventually rises ...
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The Vision of the Chessboard: A Strategic Apostolic Message for the Kingdom

In the vision, I am looking at a chessboard. The board is the basis for a revelatory understanding of the kingdom game plan. The board ...
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The New Era Reformation and the Roaring Twenties

All kingdom leaders function prophetically. This creates a general confusion about prophets because all elders function with revelatory capacity or charismata. Next thing you know, ...
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Report or Rebel: Apostolic Order in the Kingdom Culture

"You Will Do Greater" is Implementation You will notice that Paul and other apostles give up nothing of their metron of authority and responsibility to ...
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A Word for Brasil from Dr Don Lynch

Mercy has shouted louder than judgment. God has roared from Zion in answer to intercession in your nation. Do not forget that God has done ...
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False Claims to Ministry

"I will lead it or not participate" or "I will soon lead it so I will follow along to move into leadership position" creates the ...
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The Operation of Kingdom Keys In Kingdom Ecclesia

Do the kingdom keys operate on Earth to establish Heaven's preapproved decisions? Or, do they operate to establish by kingdom on Earth what God already ...
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A Vision Experience at Giants Will Fall

October 12, 2018

The Galvanizing Passion of Personal Promise In a vision, I was Simeon. He is recorded in Scripture as a man with a promise. He would see Messiah. He lived his life waiting for the fullness of God’s promise. “I will see the Messiah, the hope of my nation!” For years he stood in the Temple…

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Leading When You are Young

October 10, 2018

Relative terms like “young” require definition because they are comparative. If we say, “Youngest,” we know what that means. In some way of identifying a person, the others in that identification are older. If we say, “Younger,” we are comparing a person identified in some way with one other person. When we say, “Young,” we…

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Calling, Ordination, and Commissioning

October 3, 2018

In no case are we building a doctrine upon the distinction between calling, choosing, ordination, appointment, and commissioning. We seek a working definition by which to distinguish the moment of God’s assignment and His meaning of revelatory instruction for leaders. We see some very clear distinctions that must be made, but we do not have…

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Vision of David: Just Before He Met with King Saul

September 29, 2018

A Vision of David During our monthly David’s Army meeting I experienced a lingering vision that continued for more than two hours. I saw David standing to the side of the valley listening to Goliath cursing the Israeli army. He has already delivered the bread and cheese to his snarky brothers. He seems completely unfazed…

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Deliverance is Discipling or Shut it Down!

September 28, 2018

We continue to confuse the spiritual conditions produced by demonic influences and the operative results of our human flesh burdened with the limitations or misdirections of sin. First, works of the flesh are not works of darkness. In fact, darkness does not cause works of the flesh as much as darkness takes advantage of doors…

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Elijah’s False Prophecy: God’s Reset

September 19, 2018

Elijah made a major life decision with a false prophecy. He prophesied to himself. He believed in the prophecy. He acted upon the prophecy. He attempted to make the prophecy come to pass. It was a false prophecy. Elijah prophesied to himself: “I am the only one.” This false prophecy led him to jump to false…

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Your Life’s Work

September 17, 2018

Rees Howells pulled back from most of what we call “church” to give himself to intercession. When the demonic forces of Hitler would have overrun and destroyed his nation, he carried the burden on his shoulders. What if the decades of intercession have been your preparation for a spotlight season when you will carry kingdom…

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Increase Corporate Passion

September 15, 2018

Moses led the people to a dead end. The route to the Promised Land went a different way. He turned them into a narrow pass between two mountain ranges. They arrived at the Red Sea with no way to go but back. Then, Pharoah changed his mind about letting them go. He rode the most…

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Apostolic Priorities: Do This, not That

September 15, 2018

Priorities set by pressure empty the soul. In this world, you will have pressure. Pressure is constant. Need is a harsh, demanding cry in your eats. Jesus says, In this world, you will have pressure. Have great joy! I have overcome the world.” I was hoping He would overcome the pressure so it would go…

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Representing the King of Kings: Kingdom on Earth

September 14, 2018

Dr. Miles Munroe, in his book, Kingdom Principles, says, “An honest look at Script will reveal that the fundamental message greatly misunderstood Book is about a King and a Kingdom. The Bible is not primarily about a religion or rituals, but about the establishment of a kingdom rulership on this planet from the heavenly realm.…

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