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God or Human Leaders?

We have a need to return to the Bible to understand the role of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in discipling, maturity, and personal spiritual ...
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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 2

I say, "A blueprint leader works from the King's blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams, and imaginations that reveal the residue of ...
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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 1

I say, "Nothing has destroyed the kingdom more than allowing everyone to do what each of them thinks Holy Spirit is telling them to." That ...
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Do Not Fear Being Empty

The crucible that crushes will eliminate anything of my "I am" that is not "by God's grace." I just shared with a special son of ...
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Inspiration, Inerrancy, Intention, and Implementation

"God gave us His inerrancy through the process. God involved Himself in the process from the actual scripting to the end product of preparation to ...
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Quoting God or Submitting to Prophetic Process

Prophetic one-up-manship comes from a flesh or soulish source and diminishes the purity of the revelation. 1. Your attempt to make the way you received ...
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Lead Us Not…Deliver Us…Forgive Us

I have been reading and studying the Bible for more than fifty years. I have been a Biblicist all that time, never wavering in my ...
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Fathers Put the “Wow!” on Your Priorities

That moment when a younger person joins the fight we've been in for forty years with great passion: Welcome to the fray. While I think ...
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How Successful Has Our Warfare Been? (Tactical Manual for the New Era)

The spiritual warfare success rate is dismal. I wish I could say it is amazing. I cannot. I can say that we have great examples ...
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Plowing Prayer and Preaching

[Dr. Don: "This is an apostolic message preached in other nations that seems to apply to America right now."] There is a difference between speaking ...
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Success Begins with the Least, not the Highest

"If hell is happy when our strengths get stronger as long as our weaknesses get weaker." Dr Don Lynch Jesus has a leadership style unlike ...
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Urgent Considerations for the Radical Remnant

I believe that intercession, apostolic and prophetic leadership exercising in what is approaching a more authentic ekklesia was the spiritual influence that operated in concert ...
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As It is in Heaven

November 24, 2018

The Conditions Around God The word “circumstance” is a compound word. “Circum” or circle means “what is around you.” “Stance” means “the way things are.” Circumstance means “the way things are around you.” In involved worship and intercession, we rise into the circumstances around the Throne of God and bring the circumstances that surround God…

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Set Man is a Set Up

November 20, 2018

Popular discussions of covering, leadership, and ministry models say that God always sets a man in place. Everything in that move of God eventually rises to that set man’s leadership. Is this a Bible model? Does it prove itself successful in real life and history? Or, does the Bible send a representative with a blueprint…

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The Vision of the Chessboard: A Strategic Apostolic Message for the Kingdom

November 19, 2018

In the vision, I am looking at a chessboard. The board is the basis for a revelatory understanding of the kingdom game plan. The board game is chess. The revelation does not necessarily answer to the rules of that game but the revelation picture God uses the board and pieces to reveal. Get into Position…

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The New Era Reformation and the Roaring Twenties

November 18, 2018

All kingdom leaders function prophetically. This creates a general confusion about prophets because all elders function with revelatory capacity or charismata. Next thing you know, everyone thinks they are a prophet or everything they do and say is “prophetic.” We now have teaching that is “prophetic” when it just teaching taught by someone with prophetic…

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Report or Rebel: Apostolic Order in the Kingdom Culture

November 2, 2018

“You Will Do Greater” is Implementation You will notice that Paul and other apostles give up nothing of their metron of authority and responsibility to eldering leaders. They delegate to eldering leaders, but delegation expands authority and responsibility. Delegation never dismisses authority and responsibility. It extends it. Delegation changes the role of a leader because…

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A Word for Brasil from Dr Don Lynch

October 30, 2018

Mercy has shouted louder than judgment. God has roared from Zion in answer to intercession in your nation. Do not forget that God has done this. You do not have the victory, you have the opportunity God’s mercy provides. Mercy is “time as opportunity.” It is now that you begin the kingdom conquest that secures…

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False Claims to Ministry

October 29, 2018

“I will lead it or not participate” or “I will soon lead it so I will follow along to move into leadership position” creates the splintering effect that leads to shattering division. The kingdom of God has a King. Your royal leadership will not be needed. But, thank you for attempting to usurp the Throne.…

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The Operation of Kingdom Keys In Kingdom Ecclesia

October 25, 2018

Do the kingdom keys operate on Earth to establish Heaven’s preapproved decisions? Or, do they operate to establish by kingdom on Earth what God already decided in Heaven? Or, does Jesus say He will agree with what His Ecclesia decides on Earth because He will back up His representatives? This discussion is all over the…

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Kingdom Leaders are not Equal

October 24, 2018

Jesus bestowed leaders upon His kingdom to prepare and position its citizens for assembly into His building, body, and bride. They are listed. There is no “and others” to the list or mentioned in any other place. Deacons are not leaders. Elders are the same leaders as listed here. Everyone is a leader in the…

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Principles, Experience, and Expertise: Eldering and Fathering Leadership

October 23, 2018

Waking up this morning, eyes barely open to the harsh morning glare demanding I do something with my life, God says, “When I teach you a principle, I illustrate it with one application so you understand the principle. This does not mean you understand the principle in every application or implementation. As a fathering leader,…

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