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Church Meetings or No Meetings?

If you are asking whether or not "churches" should have meetings, you are asking the wrong question. This is not the pivotal issue of faithfulness ...
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I am an Overcomer of the China Virus

Our excellent team of nearly thirty people was in Bethlehem right after a group of pilgrims from South Korea exposed that city to the virus. ...
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Julgamento, Colheita ou Tempestade Demoníaca?

(Dr. Don Lynch, com tradução de @marcosacamargo – 23MAR2020) O reino se depara congelado em seu lugar sem um consenso espiritual robusto porque não pode ...
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Judgment, Reaping, or Demonic Storm?

The kingdom stands frozen in place without a robust spiritual consensus because we cannot decide if God wants to kill thousands of people or the ...
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A Fathering Story: Do What I Do

Our entire group was in jeopardy, and God began to speak to me about the situation during the night. I was working myself out mentally ...
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Modern Metaphoric Messes

Biblical metaphors are as common as verses. Similes and metaphors are literary tools used to communicate spiritual reality by comparing some aspects of spiritual things ...
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Providential Pathway: Identity, Christ, and Process

The Involved God symphonically orchestrates All to the good of those that love Him, people appointed, chosen, ordained, and authorized (by His intention) to produce ...
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Charismata as Spiritual Capacities, not Motivational Gifts

Every person arrives with created destiny and matching dispositional tendencies. These qualities and conditions are immediately challenged by a blighted world controlled by the influence ...
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The Todd Bentley Affair and Kingdom Accountability

The Kingdom Approach Every believer in the kingdom of God should reach a clear conclusion about this tragic situation because it is much larger in ...
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Rebels and Ultimatums

Recognizing Rebellion The rebel seldom defines their posture as "rebellious." Few are proud of being rebels. Rebels functions in a delusion warp of personal justification. ...
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The Logos of God: Regaining An Appropriate Appraisal of Scholarly Elders

The Mindset of God The Logos of God is Jesus as a manifested revelation of God, and the eternal, unchanging mindset of God. The Bible ...
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Fathers of Nations

Fathering Lineage God's point of view for Abraham was more than the origination of nations. He was a father of nations in more than the ...
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Financial Support of Kingdom Leaders

October 31, 2019

After carefully surveying the Bible’s statements and presuppositions, practices of Jesus, originating apostles, and kingdom leaders in regional Ecclesiae, the New Covenant revelations are more apparent to me.

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September 21, 2019

I saw in the Spirit a kingdom-wide movement to capitalize the greatest harvest of history.

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Original Ekklesia Was Not a House Church Movement

September 21, 2019

To mature the restoration into her New Era Reformation, we must purge the leaven of church-growthism from our understanding of the design and definition of ekklesia.

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Follow or Fallow

September 19, 2019

When it comes to a mantle, you are tested for your following, not for calling. If you are with me, you will receive. You can be called and experience a mantle, but you must follow to wear a mantle. The measurement of the mantle comes in the following.

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Ministry and Money

September 12, 2019

Honor includes monetary investment. Honor is value. Honor is not exclusively commodified. That is, honor is not for sale, but it is worthy of offering. A kingdom leader is not for sale. He cannot be given proper monetary value. While some kingdom leaders set a price for doing a certain thing, the value of a…

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During the Storm, Exposure Occurs

September 6, 2019

God is not in control. God is in charge. That means what God starts He finishes, and what the devil starts, God finishes. God usurps the usurper. God does not remove the usurper. God usurps the usurper. God usurps the usurper through His representatives.

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dr don preaching

Prophets Take Big Risks

September 5, 2019

Rattling off your impressions as an immature prophetically-gifted person, and what I’m talking about in this article are not the same thing.

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Spiritual Shock and the Growing Pile of the Unresolved

September 4, 2019

The pile of the “unresolved” will grow in my soul if I do not submit to leaders who can diagnosis and disassemble the “unresolved.”

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New Era Tactical Manual for Warfare: Research and Distractions

September 3, 2019

The idea that the most powerful things you do in intercession occur in secret, where Father sees, has lost its luster in the bright spotlights of “I discovered a mysterious Illuminate Nephilim hiding in the library of congress, and this is the key to everything, if only everyone will listen to me for the intercession we need to release, at the moment when everyone hears my voice…”

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Father of Fathers

September 1, 2019

If you cannot father fathers, train kingdom citizens to obey all Jesus commanded, and expand the estate of your metron with inheritors, consider turning in your “apostle am I” badge.

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