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Do We Go to Heaven or Speak to Dead People to Receive Revelation?

Note: I write both in defense of revelation experiences that included appearances of people no longer alive and exposure of "Gnostic creep" in false, super-spiritual ...
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The “We Need Our Own Translation” Syndrome

The motive for new translations is seldom about updating the language of the message to those that are reading it. The motive is to produce ...
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The New Era Reformation and Renaissance

When the Reformation challenge the apostate churchism, Renaissance arrived to open the world to "culture without spiritual influence." The moment the kingdom sought to restore ...
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Kingdom Glory: Here and Now

Are we in the kingdom of God? Yes. Are we in the fullness of the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven? ...
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Financial Support of Kingdom Leaders

Growing up, I remembered the time Jerry Falwell preached that the local church was the storehouse for all tithe only to have John R. Rice ...
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Holy Spirit moved my imagine about financial integrity and the Bible's presuppositions about giving. After much research - haven't stopped that - I felt that ...
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Original Ekklesia Was Not a House Church Movement

I read the statement three times: "Read the New Testament, and you will see that every city had one church with many house churches, with ...
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Follow or Fallow

Elijah tells Elisha that he has asked for something big if he wants to be a firstborn inheritor of Elijah's leadership among the other prophets. ...
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Ministry and Money

Honor includes monetary investment. Honor is value. Honor is not exclusively commodified. That is, honor is not for sale, but it is worthy of offering. ...
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During the Storm, Exposure Occurs

The Bible records that Jesus and His disciples twice faced deadly storms. God did not send the storm to kill Jesus and His disciples. During ...
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Prophets Take Big Risks

Ananias and Saul of Tarsus God told Ananias, a prophet, to give Saul of Tarsus a prophetic word of destiny. But Ananias answered, "Lord, many ...
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Spiritual Shock and the Growing Pile of the Unresolved

Shock Responses Physical shock occurs when your blood supply to the body shifts because of trauma. Spiritual shock occurs when spiritual supply changes because of ...
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Restoring Fallen Kingdom Leaders

July 8, 2019

More than one elder should be involved because any elder may focus more on personal restoration to the exclusion of leadership restoration. Often, one leader will assume personal restoration is all that is needed for ministry restoration. Thinking about personal restoration without even considering leadership dynamics will always lead to future or repeated disaster.

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Missing the Entire Point of Fathering, Badly

July 1, 2019

I was so appalled by a blog posted and celebrated on FB that I felt compelled to answer the horrifyingly inaccurate and inconsistent statements and conclusions it offers on spiritual fathering.

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Caring For Our Wounded

June 30, 2019

Wounded warriors afraid of further wounding cannot be allowed to participate in the battle. Deadly fear spreads and freezes them and those around them. Dangerous hesitation destroys the timing of the urgent response to the enemy.

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dr don preaching

Cultural Confrontation and Kingdom Expansion

June 26, 2019

if what we have now were functioning as Jesus designed and defined ekklesia, the present “church-anity” would be something the world has never seen before.

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Gates or Mountains? The Word of Jesus and Discipling Cultures

June 17, 2019

Here’s the problem: the church is not in the religion mountain and never has been.

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Flights of Social Justice Fantasy from Luke 4

June 15, 2019

Luke 4 preaching does not redeem and restore people and cultures with economic agendas. You will not redeem and restore anyone with social justice. You preach spiritual salvation to those who are currently not hearing that message. That is what the word “poor” means in the Scripture Jesus quotes. Then, He does precisely what the Scripture says He will do.

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Falling in Love with Every Word That Comes From His Mouth

June 14, 2019

Beware the tendency to devalue God’s Word by pouring it out of your alabaster box when you have only accumulated a few drops.

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Interceding From The New Place of Overcoming Victory

June 13, 2019

Paul says, “Use all of God’s weaponry.” He then seems to assume that doing so will result in winning! “You will oppose in the evil day” – a way of describing the conflict that we face against principalities, power, and cosmic dominators.

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God Has Provided Us The Leaders We Need To Be Ready

June 12, 2019

God is faithful. He has provided us the fathering leaders we need. To be ready, we need to get the kingdom citizens back into kingdom culture, bear down hard on the rebellion, reset the entire church-growth error, embrace the Bible more than humanly-devised systems and perception, and get on with the goals of God.

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Kingdom Success and Failure

June 10, 2019

In general, when we ask modern church-anity to display the successful harvest, we nearly always end up looking at the three soils that produce nothing Father wants from the seed provided.

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