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Honor Rebuke and Experience Transformation

Honor and Rebuke Honor and rebuke occupy the same coin. The word translated "rebuke" is epitimao, and it means 1) honor buy 2) restrain. Rebuke ...
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Malachi’s Fathering Principles

"Before Yahweh's intense accountability" The technical phrase, "Yahweh's Yome," is common in several prophetic communications to speak of the culmination of Providence, God involved in ...
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The Proper Installation of Prepared People

Understanding the Fruit of Alignment While we look back at more than 350,000 receiving personal restoration and healing ministry, we also understand that healing a ...
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Paul on Ekklesia: Construction, Function, and Unction, Part 1

Paul gets to Ephesus in the highest point of apostolic expertise and experience. After leading the most significant move of God and transformational kingdom culture ...
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Overcoming Kingdom Honor Limitations

As we restore fathering and inheritance motifs to kingdom culture, more than merely mentioning them, relabeling the present relational dynamics, and putting a trendy name ...
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The Prayers of the Saints

The vessels of incense are not empty when you contribute your intercession. Instead, you finish filling them up, so they overflow into history. Oversight leaders ...
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Truthing Agape

"Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces enduring submission, and enduring submission produces character, and character produces hope, and ...
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The Timing of Refreshing: Awakening Wells and Added-Value Harvesting

Wells Full of Water When a penetrating rain falls, it reaches the deepest places. It contributes to the hidden river or aquifer beneath from which ...
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The Bible is Uniquely Inspired

Providence means God is involved in history. Inspiration means God is involved in writing, preserving, and guaranteeing the Bible so that inspiration to read the ...
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Kingdom Culture and Existing Culture

Lifestyle and Culture Behavior to an individual is as culture to a group. However, when we apply the idea to nations, with God's intentions in ...
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Ekklesia is a Kingdom Culture Assembly

Define the Territory of Delegated Authority To have an ekklesia, you first must have a definable domain or dominion where a government rests in and ...
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Toward a Biblical Understanding and Application of Apostolic Fathering and Alignment

The Divine Revelation of Fathering and Apostolic Alignment The Philippian conversation on representation is inerrant, eternal Truth inspired by Holy Spirit revealing the thinking of ...
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Wolves in Contemporary Churchism

July 30, 2021

Wolves don’t growl until the sheep try to escape. Wolves of megachurches are too lazy to growl. They see the next load of recruited sheep unloading and settle back for a nap. Are they all wolves? God knows. I’m discussing wolf behaviors in modern churchism.

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God’s Lamb vs Hell’s Leviathan

July 12, 2021

This Sunday, we strike a blow on Leviathan by casting our crowns before the Lamb. On the big screens in the heavenlies, “The Lamb vs Leviathan” premiers July 18, 2021.

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Time for a Wolf Hunt

July 10, 2021

I will repeat my plea for a kingdom wide wolf hunt, led by our best leaders, not handed off to administrative assistants, to confront and isolate wolves from within as we enter the New Era.

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Deep Calls to Deep

July 9, 2021

The “deep” is a prophetic metaphor of mystery. It exists, but it is hidden. The deep of God called to the deep in the land. It is hidden in the hearts, in the people and places, that produces what-God-wants when fulfilled.

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No, God Does Not Ask You to Stay Out of Politics

July 1, 2021

In fact, hell probably builds monuments to saints who espouse leaving politics to the devil.

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Glory, God’s Normal

July 1, 2021

Glory will claim you, the place and time, the ministry, and every person present with the Creator, Redeemer, Restorer claim that cancels out the claims of hell, the person, and the ministry.

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Dr. Don on Grave Sucking

June 29, 2021

I actually think of grave sucking: people who do not know how things work in the spirit attempt to receive anointing from graves, and critics who do not know how things work in the spirit make up a term to make fun of a funny practice.

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How to Overcome These Ten Symptoms of Fear of Failure

June 21, 2021

The Bible calls you “overcomer,” and that identity is part of the identity from Christ that targets you for His greatest promises. Start walking in overcoming today!

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Fathers and Esau Narcissism

June 9, 2021

At present, the prevailing wind blowing from the high-pressure spiritual system of over individualism blasts the population of a consumer-driven culture with narcissistic false entitlement, false equality, and false expectations.

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Applied Apostolic Academia

June 5, 2021

The manner of Jesus in training His originating apostles reveals a context of addressing the entire culture of Israel on an oversight visit to determine how to reset the kingdom. Thus Christ carries on apostolic academia in the context of His life and ministry. He encounters the crowds and shares spiritual experiences with His leaders. He trains by doing, as Luke reports in both His Gospel and inspired report on the Acts of Holy Spirit: “all that Jesus began both to do and teach.”

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