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Redemptive Restoration: Deep Soul Searching

A Season of Deep Soul Searching A pattern of deep soul searching has begun among the inheritors for whom I provide fathering leadership. The pattern ...
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How to Miss It as a Prophet

Speak as a Prophet When you Ain't Prophets accurate at the personal or regional level become inaccurate at the national level when they step outside ...
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How Job and Nations Suffer Spiritual Terrorism

God is not destroying America. America shall be saved. God did not destroy Job. Job was saved. Like Job, in the best of times, fully ...
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Prophecy and Involved Intercession

God knows what He wants. God tells us what He wants. God gets what He wants. Paul describes how God gets what He wants in ...
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Armorbearer: The Biblical Metaphor

The term armorbearer is a Bible word, of course, but some leaders have grossly exaggerated the metaphoric meaning. Most of the problem lies in the ...
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Paul and the Ephesians Elders

Acts 20 records the last words of Paul to the Elders at Ephesus. Acts 20:16-31: Paul, compelled by an urgency to get to Jerusalem by ...
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The Restoration of Biblical Eldership

Elder "In churches today, elders are spiritual leaders or shepherds of the church. The term can mean different things depending on the denomination and even ...
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2021: A Call to Original Ekklesia

Ignore the Dead End Detours Prophetic websites, leading church-growthism syncretism with apostolic restorationists, and general neo-evangelical urban legends combine with early church myths that ignore ...
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The Awful Days Become the Days of Awe

"We rebuilt the wall in troublesome times," Nehemiah says. As we step into 2021, awful days will give way to days of awe. How will ...
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Fathering Norms

How involved is your spiritual father? I have heard the rather silly assumption normalized: "If you do not have your spiritual father's smartphone number, he ...
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Mature Prophets Internalize from God Sources

Definition of Terms Internalization is a process of assimilating and processing from external sources what will become internal. My technical definition: In kingdom leaders, internalization involves the integration ...
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The Blueprint Room and Battle Plan Room: Implementing Divine Vision

The Blueprint Room Vision I stood in a construction company's corporate offices. The room I entered was filled with cabinets with wide drawers standing five ...
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The Delinquent, Destruction Politics of Envy

September 26, 2020

Principle: God’s favor upon His Remnant always works to benefit the entire area of the Remnant’s influence.

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The Delightful and Demanding Burden of God’s Favor

September 25, 2020

If you walk with God in endurance, following the assignment of your father, reconnect to the inheritance of unfulfilled covenant loyalty available to God’s Remnant, and maintain relational integrity when betrayed and cheated, God can settle you into an undisputed claim upon your kingdom estate so the disputes of the past will not taint or follow you into your future.

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Fathering Leaders Set Kingdom Priorities

September 18, 2020

Apostles are recognized as blueprint-carrying leaders, not calling card-carrying leaders.

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Praying in Agreement with God

September 5, 2020

God says, “I have plans for You, America, not for evil but for good. I did not form you to be a nation full of evil, perversion, greed, idolatry, murder, and witchcraft, but a fathering nation filled with kingdom citizens. I formed you to prosper in the Gospel o the kingdom so you could preach and model it to all nations.”

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What God Says About America

August 26, 2020

All God needs is a Remnant, and the King produced a Remnant during the times and seasons final harvest of Isreal. Even now, we can all say, “God is not finished with Israel.” We speak of a miracle of covenantal loyalty sustained for millennia against overwhelming odds when we say this. America has a Remnant, and it is all the King needs to continue the march of purpose through history.

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Superstition and Spiritual Warfare

August 7, 2020

I do not believe in backlash. I don’t allow it. Of course, 98% of what people call “backlash” ain’t. It is superstition. It is another form of pseudo heroism that says, “Look how I suffer for doing this ministry.”

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Uncovered and Vulnerable?

August 6, 2020

The judgment had a prescribed punishment that they could not escape because Messiah, the One they rejected, is the only Refuge. In other words, people following the wrong leaders are vulnerable to the worst destruction coming in the season-ending harvest judgment. People under the canopy escape the destruction coming upon the rebellious Remnant in the season of purging, cleansing, sifting, and distinguishing wheat and tares.

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Mount Rushmore: Momentum and Acceleration

July 10, 2020

“America is Mine! America is Mine!”

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Mount Rush More: Mounting Acceleration and a Showdown

July 4, 2020

We are in this hinge point of history in the United States, and Mount Rushmore on the Fourth of July, 2020, marks the first day after the decree of the President, positioned by prayer to speak to a showdown. The next season of increased revival and riot will mark the nation’s outcomes in the Roaring Twenties.

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Vision of the Prodigal Rings: Prepare for the Returning Inheritors

June 16, 2020

Prodigals are not novices recently born of the spirit, but leaders trained for estate expansion who rushed away to established something of their own making.

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