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Fathering Leaders Set Kingdom Priorities

If the kingdom leader represents the King's priorities, he will set the priorities of the people he leads. Of course, moderns expect that to mean ...
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Praying in Agreement with God

Agreement in prayer exponentially increases authority in prayer. The ekklesia displaces the strategically positioned authorities of hell. Plural authorized saints confronting plural authorized demons. Jesus ...
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What God Says About America

A Divine Interview If we could interview God about America, asking Him questions, we would ask the wrong questions and wonder why God said what ...
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Superstition and Spiritual Warfare

Star Wars Mythology Some of our brothers and sisters are so bound by generational superstitions that they carry them into spiritual warfare--even aginst COVID 19 ...
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Uncovered and Vulnerable?

I awakened embedded in a vision or dream. Among other things, I heard this verse: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and ...
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Mount Rushmore: Momentum and Acceleration

Report on our recent kingdom assignment that included Mount Rushmore. It is common that God's wind will blow in our faces when He joins us ...
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Mount Rush More: Mounting Acceleration and a Showdown

December 1, 2019, Dutch Sheets: "It is the season to shift into acceleration and blessing. Grab hold of this and decree it into your life, ...
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Vision of the Prodigal Rings: Prepare for the Returning Inheritors

I was in Atlanta for a conference. As I stepped into the worship center during worship, I stepped into a vision. The chairs in the ...
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The Cross, Not the Curse

Many people are cursing their own destinies with superstitious conclusions about the power of curse. They curse themselves into waste or frustration by blaming something ...
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Father’s Answers to Your Questions

Smart Questions, Delayed Answers There is no such thing as a dumb question because even a question that misses the point a mile will reveal ...
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Dream: The New Breed Hybrid

The Context In the dream, I could see seed sowers of different ages, statures, and facets of this generation. Behind them, God arranged previous generations ...
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Dream: Providence Calls a Conference

A Conference Called by God Last night I had a three-part dream from God in which revealed Providence to me. The setting was a conference ...
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The Test of Prophetic Company

December 11, 2019

If you are preparing prophets for the office in the various specializations of prophetic personality and production, you will lead them to a prophetic preparation plateau.

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Do We Go to Heaven or Speak to Dead People to Receive Revelation?

November 25, 2019

My spirit is part of me. I am not standing around with my body and soul, while my spirit is off doing universal cruises and flights into realms. I am one. I perceive with my spirit in spiritual reality just as I do physically with my physical body. I am not a take-apart potato man.

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The “We Need Our Own Translation” Syndrome

November 20, 2019

So, we started down this American path of updating the Bible to fit the 1960s and started looking for a way to make Jesus say, “Don’t judge.” We can only do this by ignoring the passage in context, the remainder of the words of Jesus, the instructions of Paul, and the behavior of all apostles and kingdom leaders in the new covenant portion, and the principle, processes, and protocols of kingdom culture.

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The New Era Reformation and Renaissance

November 4, 2019

Modern church-growthism cannot be judged any less guilty of syncretism than Dark Ages Roman error. By combining Renaissance thinking and humanism – the autonomy of Man – with its contemporary, limited “authority of the Bible” hodge-podge. Blending existing culture into church-anity is the opposite of kingdom culture. You will find this basic to church-growthism but contrary to the strategy of the King.

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Kingdom Glory: Here and Now

November 1, 2019

The “Not Yet, but Later” idea misses the entire point about the kingdom of God. It says the spiritual kingdom is not as real as the physical manifestation of the spiritual kingdom. That kingdom will always be spiritual with a physical manifestation. The issue at present isn’t whether or not we have the kingdom or the manifestation of the fullness of the kingdom, but the hiddenness of the glory of the kingdom. We must discuss the influence of the kingdom of God in the Earth as a kingdom instead of ignoring the kingdom of God as if “church” substitutes for it until the physical return of the King.

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Financial Support of Kingdom Leaders

October 31, 2019

After carefully surveying the Bible’s statements and presuppositions, practices of Jesus, originating apostles, and kingdom leaders in regional Ecclesiae, the New Covenant revelations are more apparent to me.

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September 21, 2019

I saw in the Spirit a kingdom-wide movement to capitalize the greatest harvest of history.

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Original Ekklesia Was Not a House Church Movement

September 21, 2019

To mature the restoration into her New Era Reformation, we must purge the leaven of church-growthism from our understanding of the design and definition of ekklesia.

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Follow or Fallow

September 19, 2019

When it comes to a mantle, you are tested for your following, not for calling. If you are with me, you will receive. You can be called and experience a mantle, but you must follow to wear a mantle. The measurement of the mantle comes in the following.

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Ministry and Money

September 12, 2019

Honor includes monetary investment. Honor is value. Honor is not exclusively commodified. That is, honor is not for sale, but it is worthy of offering. A kingdom leader is not for sale. He cannot be given proper monetary value. While some kingdom leaders set a price for doing a certain thing, the value of a…

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