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The Expert in Kingdom Culture: A Storehouse of Old and New

We poorly interpret and apply the metaphoric sense of old wine and new wine, old wine containers, and new wine containers. We end up exaggerating ...
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Kingdom Culture Series: Rearing Godly Children

Rearing godly children is not the responsibility of the state, government, or the general society. It does not take a village! Rearing godly children is ...
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Reformation Time is Here!

Reforming the Reformers What happens when God wants to reform the reformers? The initial forms of reform always demand the next step in reformation, but ...
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The Accelerated Activities of Providence in Awakening

The Roaring Twenties are almost here. Dutch Sheets shares with us that we have entered a time of acceleration. Knowing that God is behind this ...
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Marriage Is To Be Honored by Everyone

Honoring marriage is more than an internal, individual, and intimate issue. It is everybody's business whether or not you honor marriage. If you are a ...
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Personal Leadership and Kingdom Leadership: My Ultimate for His Priorities

You can recognize Oswald Chamber's famous "My Utmost for His Highest" in the title, and he meant by that what I mean mine. I apply ...
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The Kingdom Leader’s Role in Kingdom Culture

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther led us out of the dominating leadership paradigm of Roman Catholicism. Instead of producing a New Testament form of ...
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Fathering Leaders: Testing The Leaders You Train as Fathers with Burden-bearing

"Leaders always carry more burdens than their burdens." Fathering leaders train leaders to father. Fathering leaders carry the burden of fathering, so they must train ...
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Seven Reasons the Thyatira Jezebel is Symbolic

"Jesus does not address a specific woman of history named 'Jezebel', expose her and her lovers by holding a news conference at her boudoir, have ...
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God or Human Leaders?

We have a need to return to the Bible to understand the role of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in discipling, maturity, and personal spiritual ...
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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 2

I say, "A blueprint leader works from the King's blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams, and imaginations that reveal the residue of ...
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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 1

I say, "Nothing has destroyed the kingdom more than allowing everyone to do what each of them thinks Holy Spirit is telling them to." That ...
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Settle It with God

November 15, 2010

God the Father is always there at the ultimates of your life. Finally, you deal with Him, but only after you push through the issues within you, the separation layers between you and His final word on the subject. Hebrews 5 says, “In the days of His flesh, He had offered up prayers and petitions…

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Renew Your Passion

November 10, 2010

Jesus says, “Men should pray all the time and not lose heart.” It seems prayer and passion walk together. I know that many intercessors require seasons of renewal because hell is working to distract them and life presents them with burdens to bear that are not the burden of the Lord. I know this is…

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TakeOver Leadership, Paul

November 6, 2010

How Jesus Deals with People Paul’s takeover experience is New Testament classic, a clear picture of how Jesus deals with people after His Resurrection. He redeems and restores. Saul becomes Paul through a transformational process. Jesus faces him down outside Damascus and the adventure begins. Jesus inserts keys to Paul’s destiny and purpose into his life to…

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Be All You Can’t Be

October 26, 2010

Strategy of hell, Syndrome of Leaders You remember the slogan for the armed forces: “be all you can be, in the Army.” Well, the distraction of your destiny and purpose is found in the slogan: “be all you can’t be.” If hell cannot keep you from pursuing your destiny and purpose, hell will work to…

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Taken-Over Leadership – Jacob

October 24, 2010

To be a takeover leader, you must be taken-over. Something bigger than you, outside of you, must take over your highest values, deepest trust, and strongest motivations. You are giving your life to what is highest, and locating your values and valuables in what you love. The first choices of life are matters of the…

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TakeOver Leadership – Isaiah

October 19, 2010

I was talking more about Joshua last week on this subject. This week I’m more focused upon Isaiah. I’ve always wondered about the experience of Isaiah because of the context in which the prophet frames that experience. “In the year King Uzziah died…” I believe this is more than a chronological frame of reference. Something…

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Divine Passion, Human Passion: How to Identity the Motivations of Agape Love

October 13, 2010

You can discern the difference between God’s passionate love and your own. God is not anointing your love with His; He is displacing your love through your surrender of your love to Him. When you love the Lord your God with all, the surrender of that worship and obedience sets you up for a greater…

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Warship and Trust

October 11, 2010

Psalm 106:12 – “Then they believed His words were true and broke out in songs of praise.” [The Message] The word “then” has some sense of “finally they get it” and “finally they are ready to trust what God says is true.” The New Living Translation says: “Then at last his people believed his promises.…

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I Believe Revival is Here!

October 8, 2010

Revival is Here! Revival discussions that center upon defining revival, “true revival,” Biblical revival, or whatever label the analysis provides, usually miss the point because the objective is to define “revival.” Revival is like Glory: you cannot define it, only experience it. Usually, those seeking to define revival are seeking to position themselves as people…

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September 2, 2010

My Ipad has a locator function. I just push on the map application and the world shows up on screen. Then, map pin slammed into the earth to show where my Ipad is located at any given moment. Returning home from six weeks in Brasil, I awoke from a dream that reminded me of this…

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