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The Timing of Refreshing: Awakening Wells and Added-Value Harvesting

Wells Full of Water When a penetrating rain falls, it reaches the deepest places. It contributes to the hidden river or aquifer beneath from which ...
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The Bible is Uniquely Inspired

Providence means God is involved in history. Inspiration means God is involved in writing, preserving, and guaranteeing the Bible so that inspiration to read the ...
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Kingdom Culture and Existing Culture

Lifestyle and Culture Behavior to an individual is as culture to a group. However, when we apply the idea to nations, with God's intentions in ...
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Ekklesia is a Kingdom Culture Assembly

Define the Territory of Delegated Authority To have an ekklesia, you first must have a definable domain or dominion where a government rests in and ...
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Toward a Biblical Understanding and Application of Apostolic Fathering and Alignment

The Divine Revelation of Fathering and Apostolic Alignment The Philippian conversation on representation is inerrant, eternal Truth inspired by Holy Spirit revealing the thinking of ...
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Think What God Thinks, Think as God Thinks, Process God’s Thinking like God

How you process information guides your response to a revelation and brings you into implementation or stalemates revelation in a scrapbook. There is a reason ...
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I Never Knew You

Not for One Moment Did I Notice "Saying 'Lord, Lord,' isn't going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obedience that ...
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Avoiding Prophetic Intimidation in Prophetic Training

Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha to prophesy that he would become one of his inheritors, operate by shared spiritual experience in his anointing, and ...
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Living Fearless

The Spirit of Fear Paul reveals the spirit of fear to us in his letter to Timothy. It is the spirit of cowardice. While phobos ...
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A Biblical Context for My Crosscultural Influence and Perspective

Subcultures mar, distort, and limit the full expression and desired, ultimate condition of God's kingdom on Earth. Thus, while we can, with certainty, say God ...
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Toward a New Prophetic Nomenclature

Every subculture operates with its own nomenclature. Nomenclature is a system or set of terms or symbols special to a particular discipline or art, but ...
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Missing God in Our “Today”

Leaders Live and Lead "Today" By God's Revelation of Tomorrow Jesus says, "Live today without anxiety about tomorrow because each day has its problem-solving opportunities."Matthew ...
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Almost or All?

January 5, 2011

Taking the idea that Jesus is the Only Head of His called together assembly seriously opens ministry life a whole new world of adventure! Every next level step Ruthanne and I take in the journey faces us with the “I don’t know how to do this” dilemma of kingdom dynamics. We learn that experience in…

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20-11 Vision

December 26, 2010

Maturing Kingdom Leadership Jesus is establishing kingdom in a broader maturity. In 2011 the maturity of the kingdom will challenge the political spirit operating within the kingdom in an innovative manner. Although Jesus never operates politically, many kingdom leaders do. The political spirit as a leadership strategy has infiltrated the kingdom, opposing revolutionary revival, wrestling…

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December 21, 2010

Spent some time in prayer during the night, during the lunar eclipse, but rested as morning was coming on. Then, at 9:11 AM, God spoke to me, “They are planning another 911. Multiple cities. Multiple nations. Multiple sites.” Immediately I heard Him say, “Psalm 91:1.” We know this Scripture well, “He that spends his days…

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Next-Level Leadership Limitations

December 18, 2010

False Expectations False expectations often source from pride, and pride touches us when we have no particularly good reason to be proud! Paul says not to give a novice leadership because he isn’t ready to face this battle with pride. While I’ve certainly seen achievers and leaders with pride issues, pride isn’t a battle only…

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Religion’s Substitutes

December 14, 2010

Busy Doings Good doings substituted for original destinies – good stuff being the meat and drink of religion – infiltrates the saints through waterways of disappointment and deception, flowing into harbors of contentment and comfort created by religious institutions. Recognizing these substitutions may be more difficult than we think; the substitution of good for essential…

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Preparing for the Predicted

December 9, 2010

Prepared for the Prediction A season for prophetic leadership has been upon us for the past decade, but we are now entering a time when prophetic leadership will be essential. We must be ready or we will be left behind. That is, we are now going to walk by faith in a whole new way!…

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November 23, 2010

 Apply the Supply! The Blood of Jesus moves you from darkness into light! The provision of His substitution authorizes your redemption. You can be saved from sin. You can be rescued from death. You can be forgiven – totally! However, the Blood supply doesn’t end with the initial application. You can apply the supply to…

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Settle It with God

November 15, 2010

God the Father is always there at the ultimates of your life. Finally, you deal with Him, but only after you push through the issues within you, the separation layers between you and His final word on the subject. Hebrews 5 says, “In the days of His flesh, He had offered up prayers and petitions…

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Renew Your Passion

November 10, 2010

Jesus says, “Men should pray all the time and not lose heart.” It seems prayer and passion walk together. I know that many intercessors require seasons of renewal because hell is working to distract them and life presents them with burdens to bear that are not the burden of the Lord. I know this is…

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TakeOver Leadership, Paul

November 6, 2010

How Jesus Deals with People Paul’s takeover experience is New Testament classic, a clear picture of how Jesus deals with people after His Resurrection. He redeems and restores. Saul becomes Paul through a transformational process. Jesus faces him down outside Damascus and the adventure begins. Jesus inserts keys to Paul’s destiny and purpose into his life to…

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