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The Timing of Refreshing: Awakening Wells and Added-Value Harvesting

Wells Full of Water When a penetrating rain falls, it reaches the deepest places. It contributes to the hidden river or aquifer beneath from which ...
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The Bible is Uniquely Inspired

Providence means God is involved in history. Inspiration means God is involved in writing, preserving, and guaranteeing the Bible so that inspiration to read the ...
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Kingdom Culture and Existing Culture

Lifestyle and Culture Behavior to an individual is as culture to a group. However, when we apply the idea to nations, with God's intentions in ...
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Ekklesia is a Kingdom Culture Assembly

Define the Territory of Delegated Authority To have an ekklesia, you first must have a definable domain or dominion where a government rests in and ...
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Toward a Biblical Understanding and Application of Apostolic Fathering and Alignment

The Divine Revelation of Fathering and Apostolic Alignment The Philippian conversation on representation is inerrant, eternal Truth inspired by Holy Spirit revealing the thinking of ...
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Think What God Thinks, Think as God Thinks, Process God’s Thinking like God

How you process information guides your response to a revelation and brings you into implementation or stalemates revelation in a scrapbook. There is a reason ...
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I Never Knew You

Not for One Moment Did I Notice "Saying 'Lord, Lord,' isn't going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obedience that ...
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Avoiding Prophetic Intimidation in Prophetic Training

Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha to prophesy that he would become one of his inheritors, operate by shared spiritual experience in his anointing, and ...
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Living Fearless

The Spirit of Fear Paul reveals the spirit of fear to us in his letter to Timothy. It is the spirit of cowardice. While phobos ...
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A Biblical Context for My Crosscultural Influence and Perspective

Subcultures mar, distort, and limit the full expression and desired, ultimate condition of God's kingdom on Earth. Thus, while we can, with certainty, say God ...
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Toward a New Prophetic Nomenclature

Every subculture operates with its own nomenclature. Nomenclature is a system or set of terms or symbols special to a particular discipline or art, but ...
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Missing God in Our “Today”

Leaders Live and Lead "Today" By God's Revelation of Tomorrow Jesus says, "Live today without anxiety about tomorrow because each day has its problem-solving opportunities."Matthew ...
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Be All You Can’t Be

October 26, 2010

Strategy of hell, Syndrome of Leaders You remember the slogan for the armed forces: “be all you can be, in the Army.” Well, the distraction of your destiny and purpose is found in the slogan: “be all you can’t be.” If hell cannot keep you from pursuing your destiny and purpose, hell will work to…

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Taken-Over Leadership – Jacob

October 24, 2010

To be a takeover leader, you must be taken-over. Something bigger than you, outside of you, must take over your highest values, deepest trust, and strongest motivations. You are giving your life to what is highest, and locating your values and valuables in what you love. The first choices of life are matters of the…

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TakeOver Leadership – Isaiah

October 19, 2010

I was talking more about Joshua last week on this subject. This week I’m more focused upon Isaiah. I’ve always wondered about the experience of Isaiah because of the context in which the prophet frames that experience. “In the year King Uzziah died…” I believe this is more than a chronological frame of reference. Something…

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Divine Passion, Human Passion: How to Identity the Motivations of Agape Love

October 13, 2010

You can discern the difference between God’s passionate love and your own. God is not anointing your love with His; He is displacing your love through your surrender of your love to Him. When you love the Lord your God with all, the surrender of that worship and obedience sets you up for a greater…

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Warship and Trust

October 11, 2010

Psalm 106:12 – “Then they believed His words were true and broke out in songs of praise.” [The Message] The word “then” has some sense of “finally they get it” and “finally they are ready to trust what God says is true.” The New Living Translation says: “Then at last his people believed his promises.…

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I Believe Revival is Here!

October 8, 2010

Revival is Here! Revival discussions that center upon defining revival, “true revival,” Biblical revival, or whatever label the analysis provides, usually miss the point because the objective is to define “revival.” Revival is like Glory: you cannot define it, only experience it. Usually, those seeking to define revival are seeking to position themselves as people…

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September 2, 2010

My Ipad has a locator function. I just push on the map application and the world shows up on screen. Then, map pin slammed into the earth to show where my Ipad is located at any given moment. Returning home from six weeks in Brasil, I awoke from a dream that reminded me of this…

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Next Level Leadership

August 30, 2010

The Bible reveals how God deals with man: nations, generations, individuals, the ekklesia, etc. In this revelation we can learn to recognize the patterns of heavenly leadership and respond quickly and boldly to what God is up to in our generation. The strategic design of the kingdom assumes strategic leadership, and God is continually moving…

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Simple, Simplified, or Simplistic?

August 26, 2010

I’m wading in and weighing in on the “simple church” concept. No fear, I will attempt to offend everyone equally; I’m an equal opportunity offender. (That’s supposed to sound humorous, so chuckle quietly.) I have spiritual sons and daughters and friends who see simple as the wave of tomorrow. I agree but in a very…

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Time to Tarry?

August 25, 2010

The point of tarrying in Jerusalem was, “Have you got what it takes to sustain what you start?” When you are filled, there’s no reason to hesitate doing the ministry of Jesus! Just do the stuff! Personally. Daily. Everywhere. How you coordinate that with the Body is strategic. You cannot function without connection. “Every joint…

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