Mature Prophets Internalize from God Sources

Definition of Terms

Internalization is a process of assimilating and processing from external sources what will become internal.

My technical definition: In kingdom leaders, internalization involves the integration of thinking, habits of thinking or attitudes, values and beliefs, opinions and revelation from God, demons, and others, or circumstances powerful enough to require processing into one’s own identity or sense of identity as it relates to representing Jesus.

Prophets internalize more than any other function of kingdom leadership.

  • Prophets are leaders but submit to leadership.
  • Prophets internalize but prioritize external input.
  • Prophets assimilate more than messaging.
  • Prophets filter and speak from internalizations.

Leaders Submit to Leadership

No one is more submitted than apostles and prophets because of the function of their leadership roles. No other leadership role encounters more demands and tests of submission from the wrong sources.

The outcome is that apostles and prophets face more significant rejection, misunderstanding, and confrontation than other leaders.

Roles define responsibilities, and relationships define roles. Getting the relational dynamics right, fulfilling leadership roles, and exhausting responsibilities mark apostles and prophets.

Internalization and Submission

To represent God in the way Jesus designs and defines apostles and prophets puts demands upon them that exhaust the soul’s demanding desires. The leaders must continually deepen submission to God to be and do what they are assigned.

It is always limiting and distracting to insert one’s identity into the prophetic process without the proper filter, but it is equally impossible to do what apostles do without being what apostles are.

In like manner, the prophetic personality cannot be separated from the prophetic function.

So, the internalization of Jesus Christ rises to its ultimate in apostles and prophets in their submission to assignment, alignment, and authorization. When such a leader internalizes something “other than,” correction is needed to avoid exaggeration of role and responsibility.

Prophets who use the capacity to prophesy in answer to internalization other than God mix the soul’s demanding desires into their function at some level.

They internalize from external sources what should only come from God, His designed and defined relational dynamics, and application and implementation of revelation received as His representatives.

In other words, only the perfected leader could avoid such mixtures, but the mature minimize them, recognize them, and correct them. Internalization that produces adaptation instead of representation become pseudo or false in the same measure of leaven tolerated.

There is a sense in which apostles and prophets, like intercessors, belong to God in a special way. There is also the sense that they must submit to kingdom leaders to maintain accountability: maintaining relational integrity with assigned leaders is essential to mature apostolic and prophetic function.

When a leader blends natural demanding desires into the function, the grotesque monsters of sexual manipulation or greed appear. The internalization of the environmental factors: love of money and the intense power of sexuality gain ground when a leader internalizes the wrong sources. A soul-controlled leader is a false leader.

When a leader blends the soul’s demanding desire into the function, the political mafia of ambition and dominance appears. The obvious internalization of the environmental factors reveals demanding desires, or lusts, that produce division, self-aggrandizement, pride as arrogance, strife, competition, contrast, and comparison.

The leader no longer internalizes Jesus exclusively and exclusive to his marriage, family, and kingdom relationships as defined and designed by Jesus. Deviation will affect these kingdom relational dynamics when they must maintain proper prioritization. The design and definition of kingdom relationships never diminish by healthy function in apostolic and prophetic leadership.

It is never unhealthy to submit to God and His kingdom culture designs and definitions.

Internalization Guides

A mature leader can encounter any environment and maintain submission to God as His source for internalization. Paul could become all things to all people without throwing away his cross. Paul could maintain his unveiled gaze at the face of Jesus and be transformed while in prison, among idolatrous worshipers, or demonized people.

Internalization tested Paul in his relationship with Barnabas. If the test was one of submission to an assignment, Paul seems to continue where Barnabas quits. Perhaps we could see that Barnabas had internalized his relationship with Mark at some dysfunctional level or in some dysfunctional aspect.

Moses internalized his disgust for the people at a critical moment to the point that he disobeyed a direct order. God released the river in response to the command and rod-of-God authority, but Moses revealed a flaw in his leadership.

Maturing in revelatory trust requires testing experiences with internalization. Passing these tests also presents powerful opportunities for fathering leaders to mention the blending during formative times.

Personal Experience

My apostolic fathering assignment in nations has been tested in relationships with natural and spiritual children. My testing reveals grace when I’m humbled in submission to God and others, and it reveals glaring tidbits of bitterness, disgust, or impatience with God and others when I was not.

My oldest son, John Michael, was diagnosed with leukemia while Ruthanne and I were in the Amazon region of Brasil fifteen years ago.

God had promised me very specifically, “Don Lynch, if you do what I’ve asked you to do in Brasil, I will save your three sons and their wives just as I did Noah’s.”

So, when doctors diagnosed John, we stayed and finished the ministry we had scheduled. We stayed three days before flying back to Florida. During those three days, God did wonders before our eyes.

That first night, I called out seven women who could not have children–I was unaware of their inability to conceive at the time, of course–from among a crowd of 1500 people. Each woman was noticeably angry about the prophetic word. None of them could have children.

The first woman: “You will give birth to a boy. Name him Samuel. You will rear a prophet.” The second woman: “You will give birth to twin girls.” And so on.

I train prophets not to prophesy babies, but I heard these words coming out of my spirit. I was beyond internalizing my son’s diagnosis circumstances because I had surrendered at a deeper place to God’s promise.

When I submitted to God’s promise and stayed to preach and minister, my spirit rose above the thoughts of his suffering, pain, fear, and trauma. I rose above my testing moment of trusting Father.

When my son told me, “Dad, they say I have leukemia.” I asked him to repeat it. He did. I asked him to repeat it a third time. He did. It sunk in then.

Immediately satan was whispering in my right ear, “If you cannot trust the Father with your son, what can you trust Him with?” An undeniable satanic attack struck me in one of the most vulnerable moments of my life.

God would never ask that question, and I would never think that thought on my own. My children and ministry do not belong to me. My heart had already surrendered to God’s promise: “If you do what I ask you to do in Brasil, I’ll save your three sons and their wives.”

Lessons Learned

Imagine how difficult it might be to minister, prophesy, pray for the sick and dying, and see wonders before your eyes while your boy is lying 5,000 miles away facing the worst terror of his life.

If you wish to mature in prophetic representation, you must learn to submit to God as your reality source. You can feel all the things a parent feels when their son is dying but never allow that reality to blend with your trust in the promise of the Father. God’s promise is more significant than any report of natural reality.

So, six years later, I revisited that ministry. After the preaching, six women lined up across the front to introduce their children.

“This is Samuel. I was so angry when you prophesied then, but I am so happy now for my little prophet,” the first woman said.

The next woman had twin girls peeking out from behind her. “I was so angry because I couldn’t have children and thought your word was a cruel, public reminder of my shame, but here are my girls. I am so blessed!”

I met six women with their children. All could not have children. When my son was facing death, God was speaking life.

My son has better health now than before he had leukemia. They call him the miracle boy in Florida. Fifteen years later, what I learned obeying God while overcoming several impossible situations taught me to internalize from one Source.

You can develop that same maturity!

Don Lynch


  1. Ken Prevett on December 20, 2020 at 9:39 AM

    Excellent sir. I’m being directed by Holy Spirit and beginning to follow you even more closely. Being a Prophet is hard but you call it out with laser accuracy. Thank you! Hope to see you sometime soon. Much love from Central Kentucky.

    • Jimmy Andrews on December 23, 2020 at 3:35 PM

      Yes sir

  2. Patelin Cogswell on December 24, 2020 at 4:55 PM

    Thank you, Don, for writing this article. This is the best teaching I’ve read on the prophetic in my short life with the Lord, but it makes so much sense!

  3. Aloma Jean Grein on December 30, 2020 at 3:35 AM

    I just read this article. I could not sleep. I sat in my rocking chair and prayed in tongues. I read Dutch Sheets prayer for December 29th. The LORD ask me to read your article, so I did. Thank you, it helped put into words what the HOLY SPIRIT has been talking to me about. I have a “scratchy feeling” when something does not set right in my Spirit. I was questioning myself or when other people are prophetic around me, if it was of THE LORD. I will order this book and ask JESUS to make it clear for me. Again, THANK YOU. Aloma Jean Grein, from Michigan.

  4. Naomi Malcom on December 30, 2020 at 7:00 AM

    Dear Prophet Don
    I hear you at Dutch’s conferences and my husband and I are always struck by your bold prayers. My woman pastor is an apostle and she has been through hell with her family. Her husband and 16 year old daughter were killed in a car wreck 11 years ago. He was our pastor then. It took her the long years to pick up his mantle off which everyone in the church left except my husband and myself. Since then our church is still small in a small town but thriving in the Spirit! Our pastor has now been anointed as an Apostle and still she so struggles with family. Her other three children have abandoned her but she stands in great resolve to serve Jesus! I find her amazing and bold. Your description of Apostle here really helps me understand why she does what she does. I am supportive of her, but now I know more about why I am. So glad to read this. Also so astounded by your Eagle dream and so stand with you and the remnant who continue to pray! Much blessings be upon you!

  5. Gay Bramlett Flowers on December 30, 2020 at 8:52 AM

    Thank you.

  6. Marylee Kilgore on December 30, 2020 at 8:56 AM

    Two months ago I knew almost nothing about the powerful and widespread activity of the ekklesia. Thankfully I had the privilege to grow up in my early Christian years under God- fearing leaders who modeled faith, holiness, prayer and submission to the authority of the Word of God. No human has been involved in bringing me into this relationship with others called to pray for this nation. I want you to know I believe I am just one of many that God is adding to the numbers. Since I fasted Halloween as a tool to fight evil, God’s amazing grace has encouraged and empowered me to continue fasting and has exposed me to Dutch’s GiveHim15, and Robert Henderson’s The Courts of Heaven, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Mystery of the Shemitah. I join you all whole heartedly in Appealing to Heaven for this Republic to once again function according to the covenant made with God by our founders. This article helped me to be alert and guard against the insidious attacks the enemy tries to use to take me off course. I have a new appreciation for the prayer “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” I sense The Bride is making herself ready. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.

  7. Kate Joy on December 30, 2020 at 10:59 AM

    Unfortunately, all of the churches I attended and brought my children into were legalistic and the teaching was always that the gifts of apostles and prophets disappeared with the coming of Jesus. I have not believed in tongues, dreams, healings or prophecies for over 30 years. But God is greater than false teachings. I have been following Dutch Sheets and praying. God has given me a couple of dreams, one being back in April or May. So I have been open to dreams. Today as I began reading Dutch’s Daily 15 I felt as if I needed a confirmation of who is this prophet today. Can they be believed. Research! So here I am.

    Mind blown! No, God confirmed 🙂 This article is a confirmation of what God has been opening my heart and mind to for years regarding gifts. I am 57 – I wish my eyes had been opened at 27 but there is a reason why we walk the paths we walk in life.

    Praying for you, Dutch, our nation, the world. Praying for more eyes and hearts to be opened and a Great Re-Awakening. God Bless You and your family and ministry.

  8. Ephraim Lorenz on December 30, 2020 at 11:23 AM

    Back to the BIBLICAL

  9. Robin Lewis on December 31, 2020 at 12:51 PM

    Dear Don. I can hardly tell you what this blog post means to me personally because God required me to leave my older daughter right after she gave birth and after she had been very sick with preeclampsia. We had a trip scheduled to go by train from North Carolina to DC in November 2004. We were there to pray the day before election day. From there we went to Chicago and on to Kansas City and I knew the Lord would show us what to do everywhere we went. In Kansas City he led us to Independence Missouri and to the jumping-off place for all the frontier Trails Westward. He led us to stand in the ruts left by the wagon wheels and declare that his Kingdom and Revival were coming and would spread across the nation even faster then the nation had doubled in size in the 1800’s. From there we went back home feeling so full of the spirit of God. But my daughter felt so rejected at the time. I have always wondered if I did the right thing. I believed I was hearing God at the time and obeyed to the best of my ability. Today we have a good relationship but I’ve often prayed for God to heal her with her response and the rejection and abandonment she felt. Thank you so much for this testimony for it helps me to know that I truly was obedient to God! After 16 years, this is finally something I can leave with the Lord.

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