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The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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The Kingdom Leader’s Role in Kingdom Culture

February 26, 2019

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther led us out of the dominating leadership paradigm of Roman Catholicism. Instead…

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Fathering Leaders: Testing The Leaders You Train as Fathers with Burden-bearing

February 25, 2019

“Leaders always carry more burdens than their burdens.” Fathering leaders train leaders to father. Fathering leaders carry the…

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Seven Reasons the Thyatira Jezebel is Symbolic

February 19, 2019

“Jesus does not address a specific woman of history named ‘Jezebel’, expose her and her lovers by holding…

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God or Human Leaders?

February 15, 2019

We have a need to return to the Bible to understand the role of Father, Son, and Holy…

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Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 2

February 12, 2019

I say, “A blueprint leader works from the King’s blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams,…

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Do Not Fear Being Empty

February 10, 2019

The crucible that crushes will eliminate anything of my “I am” that is not “by God’s grace.” I…

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