spirit and power of elijah white

The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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Personal Awakening Revival – PAR

January 3, 2013

Apostles and prophets see the broad picture – in different ways and from different perspectives – but they…

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Maturity Comes through Leaders

November 21, 2012

Jesus gave the kingdom assemblies a leadership strategy to bring His people and the called together assembly into maturity.

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Leviathan: Systematic Spiritual Delusion

October 16, 2012

God authorizes through assignments and alignments. Once apostles receive assignment, God will bring others into alignment with their…

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Jacob’s Identity Crisis at Jabbok

July 13, 2012

Jacob arrives at Jabbok to face the source of his fear and guilt. Jacob has a prophetic promise…

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Let’s Review our Prophetic Protocols Basics

December 24, 2011

We need to go back to basics with prophetic protocols. Really! We have to revisit the simplest aspects…

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Elisha’s Preparation For Elijah’s Mantle

August 31, 2011

Many mistake discipling with following. Simply put, you must follow in order to be discipled.

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