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The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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The Missing Scarecrow

March 14, 2021

Then, the General stands and says, “Warriors do not entangle themselves. If we all become millionaires during this campaign, God will be pleased, but He will tolerate no entanglements. If the campaigns bring Him Glory, not us, and we are to be a Remnant like Gideon’s, we cannot win because of overwhelming force but finishing obedience.”

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Elders in the Ekklesia

March 9, 2021

When we start the discussion, we attempt to “go back” to “Early Church” practices. We hope to find some extra-Biblical sources to help us determine what to do about choosing a leadership model. After having decided to ignore the Bible’s model for leadership, we conclude we need a model.

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Father’s Revelation as Satan’s Conclusion

February 27, 2021

A pure revelation from Father, without proper prophetic process, becomes the basis for several horrifying errors, ending with the person receiving the revelation using the revelation to communicate satanic sentiments.

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Intercession Next: Global Warring

February 6, 2021

When you live in and are assigned to a fathering nation, escape from international-level warfare is impossible.

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Does Deuteronomy 18 Define False Prophets?

February 4, 2021

Moses has nothing to say about how to judge prophets. Moses discusses how God will replace him with another leader with an inerrant communication from face-to-face, Divinely-inspired speech, and how they will know if this person actually fills the bill.

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Redemptive Restoration: Deep Soul Searching

January 26, 2021

These are moments when the essence of you meets the Essence of God.

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