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The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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The Blueprint Room and Battle Plan Room: Implementing Divine Vision

December 19, 2020

Perhaps we have such a room, filled with revelations of God’s assignments, properly cataloged, and often mentioned. The context of this room is our collection of “we received prophetic words.”

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Real Talk on Fathering

December 18, 2020

So, part of the pathos of fathering arises when you obey Father in favoring one inheritor over another or in comparison to another.

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How to Pursue a Spiritual Father

December 13, 2020

It becomes the most significant test of your honor to learn to represent a spiritual father trains you to represent the Father. You must be cured of any intention or motivation to do other than represent and partner with the Father with and through your spiritual father.

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A Humbled World-dominator and the Historic Context of His Revelation

November 29, 2020

Jesus reset the kingdom of God on Earth to SpiritFirst mode. The kingdom culture became His representative culture on Earth, preaching the Kingdom Gospel. The kingdom ekklesia would be the mature citizens, assembled as the prepared and positioned representatives of God’s Heavenly government. They were called into assembly by kingdom leaders as a “standing before the Lord” to hear and see governmental ekklesia.

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Daniel’s Revelations: Global Level Warfare

November 28, 2020

At present, we are ready for the most incredible showdown with the ancient antichrist lawlessness in history! And we are guaranteed a win!

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Wine-aged Cheese

October 24, 2020

God will prophesy into your past to locate your present as a context for setting priorities for your future.

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