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The kind of leadership God is bringing to the church as new nations and people experience revival.

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How to Miss It as a Prophet

January 23, 2021

When these prophets struggled to create communication—step 2 of the process—they start telling people they are not authorized to lead what they think God said. But they cannot lead at the level and scope of their communication, so they are left to jump to conclusions and confusions.

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How Job and Nations Suffer Spiritual Terrorism

January 21, 2021

God preserves nations in whom He still has hope through a Remnant that His intended purposes will be restored, expanded, and fulfilled.

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Prophecy and Involved Intercession

January 19, 2021

To reveal the heart of this process, the presuppositions of involved intercession, Paul says, “We do not know how to pray what is necessary to get God what He wants, so Holy Spirit helps us.”

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Armorbearer: The Biblical Metaphor

January 18, 2021

To say an armorbearer carries my Bible is just plain silly. It reveals a level of silliness in the leaders who abuse people with this kind of nonsense. If you can’t even carry your own Bible because you are too stupid to organize your life, giving a living, breathing adult that task, so you can look superior, is a mockery. Then, screaming at them if your glasses aren’t in front of you reveals you are a narcissistic bozo, not a great general.

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Paul and the Ephesians Elders

January 14, 2021

Yes, they did not start functioning as elders at this meeting. They had been doing so for months and years depending upon when each elder joined the training and function. They were experts and experienced by night and day immersion in the kingdom leadership roles.

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The Restoration of Biblical Eldership

January 2, 2021

We will ignore the post-reformation adaptation of Biblical leadership in a protest of papal aberration. We will become originalists. We will re-pioneer the ancient landmarks of oversight through kingdom leadership dynamics.

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