Prophetic Presbytery

Defining terms for “prophetic presbytery” is a good beginning point. The concept is being discussed, but the concept also has variants forms of meaning. Why? Because of usage of the terms in church polity and applications of the terms that are inconsistent with their use in Scripture.

We will be Biblical. We will function according to original design and intention.

The term “prophetic” refers to communication of revealed insight that applies specifically to a person, place, time, or condition. It is possible to prophesy to the wind, to the land, to the king, to a person, to a generation, to a nation. Prophetic refers to communication, however, so it is part of a process that results in writing, speaking, acting in a way that communicates, or through artistic expression communicates something revealed by Holy Spirit.

When this prophetic function comes in a presbytery, the prophetic function is being applied by experienced leaders set in place to represent in a kingdom manner.

The term “presbytery” comes from a root word for “old” but when applied to leadership has a sense of experience and representation. The simple term for “older man or woman” has a different meaning when applied to a group of representative leaders. The root word is used for the term “ambassador” twice with reference to Paul and other leaders. It has both gender forms.

Paul uses the term when writing Timothy, and this casts more direct light upon the Bible meaning and function:

“Don’t take lightly or neglect the charismata that was given you through prophecy with the laying on of hands by the presbytery.”

Both terms are used to describe a function of prophecy and leadership that represents the kingdom, of leaders sent to represent Jesus with authority and power equal to their assignments. The marks of these leaders would be experience and assignment. They prophesy, so they function in leadership as apostles or prophets. The group functions together, in this instance, to bestow upon Timothy a charismatic gift that Holy Spirit has decided to give Timothy.

Who can function on a prophetic presbytery like this one? Well, that would be someone who can prophesy a gift to an emerging apostle. Other prophetic presbyteries would function at the level of the prophetic leadership the people in the presbytery.

Don Lynch


  1. Lemme Matenge on June 26, 2020 at 1:46 PM

    I want to learn more on Prophetic Presbytery

  2. Chuck Bartowski on November 7, 2022 at 7:42 AM

    Sounds like the Mentalist/Pyschic con. What right do you have to speak into one’s
    Iife apart from a personal invested relationship with that person. Blowing a little sunshine ones way doesn’t, make you a prophet or prophetic but merely someone who encourages another. The word of knowledge is more like a word of encouragement wrapped in an enigma and sold as a prophetic word for someone too lazy to hear from God for themselves. My sheep know my voice. Todd Bently got his commission thru prophetic presbytery and how did that work out for the movement? Trumps reelection was prophesied by the same movement and how did that work out. Covid was suppose to come and go with little consequence and here we are today and not one ‘prophet’ saw it coming. You get the point? The movement really needs to honor God’s word above anything else and stop the show boating.

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